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Discover a world of unparalleled luxury and personalized service at Jumeirah Maldives, where pristine beaches, turquoise lagoons, and lush landscapes await. Indulge in sumptuous accommodations, exquisite dining options, and a range of thrilling water sports activities. At Jumeirah Maldives, every moment is crafted to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Water Villa With Pool

Perched on a pier extending into the North Lagoon’s azure waters, our Water Villa crowns the coral expanse. Adorned with a private rooftop patio, this tranquil oasis invites relaxation and al fresco dining while extending mesmerizing ocean views. The lower deck houses a sheltered sunken lounge, and your own secluded plunge pool beckons for refreshing dips amidst unrivaled seclusion.

Deluxe water villa with pool

Indulge in an opulent escape crafted for couples and small families, inviting you to slumber accompanied by the gentle lullaby of caressing waves. This intimate one-bedroom haven graciously extends over the Indian Ocean, boasting an exclusive sunken private pool nestled beside a shaded lounge sanctuary. Crowned with a rooftop vantage point, it presents an elevated rendition of the Water Villa, granting sweeping panoramic vistas. Unwind within the spacious living realm, luxuriate in the expansive bathroom, and rejuvenate in the tranquility of your bedroom sanctuary.

Beach Villa With Pool

Discover the allure of seclusion within a one-bedroom villa, adorned with a private infinity pool merging harmoniously with the pristine white sands and turquoise waters of the atoll. Bask in leisure upon your exclusive rooftop haven or by the pool’s edge, indulging in vistas exclusively yours to cherish.

Prestige Villa With Pool

Unveil the enchantment of seclusion within a solitary one-bedroom villa, adorned with its exclusive infinity pool that effortlessly blends with the immaculate white sands and the glimmering turquoise waters of the atoll. Revel in moments of leisure on your secluded rooftop sanctuary or alongside the pool’s periphery, immersing yourself in views that are uniquely yours to treasure.

Two Bedroom Water Residence With Pool

Escape to an exclusive overwater haven designed for intimate gatherings of family and friends. Spoil your loved ones with the allure of this picturesque villa, featuring expansive floor-to-ceiling windows framing breathtaking views of your private sundeck and infinity pool. An expansive roof terrace beckons as an inviting rendezvous point to revel in sunset spectacles collectively, while the shaded lounge and refreshing outdoor shower offer moments of respite.

Two Bedroom Beach Residence With Pool

Step into your haven of tranquility, a cherished sanctuary extending a warm welcome to families and friends seeking respite or couples yearning for spacious retreats. Unwind, detach, and embrace the splendor of stunning vistas. Your rooftop terrace calls for sun-soaked relaxation alongside loved ones. An infinity pool by the beachside serves as a gateway to the untouched turquoise expanse of the Indian Ocean, mere steps away from your personal haven.

Three Bedroom Water Retreat With Pool

Step into an oasis where luxury knows no bounds, where every element is crafted to elevate your experience to unparalleled heights. Immerse yourself in the blissful embrace of a private 14-meter infinity pool, a shimmering sanctuary of serenity. Your desires take center stage with a dedicated docking space for boats up to 90 feet, seamlessly blending nautical elegance with indulgent living.

Three Bedroom Beach Retreat With Pool

Indulge in an escape that redefines opulence, where every facet is a testament to exquisite living. Your personal haven is a symphony of extraordinary amenities, beckoning you to a world of unsurpassed luxury. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of a private 14-meter infinity pool, an aquatic masterpiece that blends seamlessly with the horizon. A dedicated docking space for boats up to 90 feet offers a gateway to nautical elegance, where indulgence and adventure unite in perfect harmony.


Experience a world of captivating experiences at Jumeirah Maldives, where adventure and relaxation abound. Dive into crystal-clear waters to explore vibrant coral reefs, embark on fishing trips, or enjoy thrilling water sports. Engage in cultural excursions to nearby islands, indulge in spa rituals inspired by ancient traditions, or simply unwind on pristine beaches. From private dining experiences to romantic sunset cruises, Jumeirah Maldives invites you to create unforgettable moments in paradise.


Delight in a culinary feast at Jumeirah Maldives, where a variety of dining options cater to every palate. Experience the art of fine dining with gourmet international cuisine, or savor authentic Maldivian dishes infused with local flavors. From romantic beachfront dinners to laid-back beach barbecues, each dining experience is a celebration of taste and ambiance. At Jumeirah Maldives, culinary excellence and warm hospitality combine to create a truly unforgettable gastronomic journey.

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