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Culinary Learning Centre

Meet us for interactive nutritional cooking classes at the Culinary Learning Centre, which offers fully equipped kitchen space for each participant. Leading the way in wellbeing education, JOALI BEING is building a community of sojourners, culinarians and thinkers through interactive learning sessions. Guests can continue the journey with post-departure guidance from our experts.

Destination Dining

Bespoke dining arrangements can be enjoyed wherever guests desire, from a private sandbank and nature immersive jungle spaces to an inviting Turtle Treehouse. The possibilities are endless.


MOJO is the island’s tropical beach sanctuary, located on a three-layered sundeck and offering an ideal spot for lunch and sundowners by the pool. It is also home to SAI tea lounge.


Savour perfectly grilled premium cuts of meat and seafood, including specialties like Wagyu beef, Japanese scallops, and lobster and tuna from Maldivian waters at Ocean Sala

Culinary Art

Culinary arts at JOALI BEING focus on an Earth-to-Table initiative, promising ingredient traceability and offering fresh, locally harvested and sustainably sourced foods that support small farms.
Our culinary philosophy embodies an approach to engagement by emphasising the in-depth exploration of unique ingredients in a manner noble and timeless in its scope. Offering a harmonious path to deep discovery through the exploration of an immersive environment, the food paradigm offers sojourners unparalleled opportunities to move into lasting personal transformation through memorable and mindfully curated experiences.


It is with this vision we sow the intention of “Earth to Table” cuisine, celebrating the diversity of sources, and integrity of our ingredients. All food and drink options have been expertly curated with the help of the island’s nutritionists, offering a selection of flavours and cuisines with healthy yet indulgent dining options. If desired by guests, personalised nutrition sessions and co-created menu recommendations are available. Immerse in the vibrancy and rhythm of our interactive dining spaces and three signature kitchens in 2022’s Restaurant and Bar Design Award winner FLOW restaurant.


Relish in the astonishing views of the Gate of Zero set the stage for artistry at the grill at private teppanyaki.


Here, guests can explore an incredible range of brews, and join tea ceremonies and learning sessions hosted by the resident tea sommelier.

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